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As the South African affirmative process evolves, companies have to pay close attention to how they can increase their involvement with Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI) or black owned/controlled enterprises. With legally binding targets in this sphere the corporate world is looking at practical ways to increase procurement from HDI’s without unduly increasing cost or risk levels.
Business Need
As part of their social responsibility, private sector companies will be obliged to channel a specified percentage of their procurement spend towards BEE companies.
  • Information on BEE companies is not readily available

  • Buyers do not know where to find the BEE enterprises

  • Buyers want to be certain that they are dealing with accredited BEE’s that can assist them in meeting both their legislative obligations and their company requirements.

  • It is a huge task to identify, accredit, support, develop and measure BEE procurement on a sustainable basis.

  • BEE’s are unaware of the opportunities available to them.

Ezee-Dex has developed a comprehensive BEE service to which you can subscribe. This service provides you with comprehensive access to intelligence on BEE companies, making it easier for your company to meet legislated requirements. Over 25 000 companies have already been rated on scorecards with an additional 16 000 listed as black owned to some degree.
  • Purchasing organizations must determine their own procurement policy – no third party should be a gatekeeper. Ezee-Dex BEE provides the information and the tools for informed decision-making
  • Our data on BEE companies is rich enough to support the criteria set by buying organizations (e.g. weight or importance attached to various factors)
  • Our data on BEE companies is updated regularly so that you can measure and monitor the profile of BEE suppliers over time
  • Our data provides a basis for buying organizations to positively influence the profile of BEE companies, for example, through support programs
  • We use a standardized methodology for Naming Conventions & Definitions