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The Ezee-Dex Industrial Search Engine for Companies, Brands and Products
The Ezee-Dex product database drives the Ezee-Dex website at .
An individual website is created for each advertising supplier profiling their company and listing their products.
The Website - Extending Product Sourcing and Supplier Enablement
Your listing will also be placed on a search engine on the Internet at
This site receives 50 000 visitors per month from buyers in South Africa and Southern Africa. Enquiries from Sub Saharan Africa and international markets account for approximately 40% of the activity on Searches for company names, products and services allow the user to link directly through to your website providing more information on your company, products and brands, to local and international buyers.
Online Features - Getting Your Core Details Across
A mini-web is created displaying your logo in a prominent position as well as your core company contact details, such as the postal and physical addresses, telephone and email contact details of your company. A facility is available for you to add an introductory paragraph about your company, or up to three additional images on the home page. Over and above providing contact details of your company, the following information is also available:
  • Mini-web page - a link to detailed information and pictures about your company and products.
  • Products, Services and Brands - a link to a list of your products, services and brands drawn directly from the Ezee-Dex database
  • Contacts and branches - essential information to contact your key people and company branches
  • Enquiries - an online form where a user can address a query directly to you, which gets delivered directly to you by email
Enhanced features
Valuable customer feedback has resulted in the following enhancements to the supplier web sites:
  • Online Requests - for Quotes and / or additional documentation will be generated directly from your site to you, allowing for an enhanced and easier interaction with a prospective customer
  • Banner advertising - banner and button ads can be placed within your website as well as on the Ezee-Dex main website